Keeping Your Lawn Green

Saturday, July 30, 2022   /   by Jerry A

Keeping Your Lawn Green


The exterior of your home is always a huge factor for potential buyers who will envision themselves enjoying the outside area, entertaining friends and family while kids play in the yard.

That’s why when prepping a home for a showing, it’s smart to think about the outdoors. That could mean power washing the deck, clearing driveways, or even planting flowers. The one area you definitely won’t want to neglect is the lawn itself.

The positives of a well-maintained yard are myriad and it’s important to get your grass in tip-top shape before showing your home.

When it comes to growing grass, consistent care is key and failure to invest in long-term turf care can open the window to any number of problems in your lawn. It’s also important to give your grass the fertilizing lawn care and control treatments it needs to be based on the season. Lawn care for growing grass in summer, for example, is different from the needs come fall. Make sure to sweep any fertilizer that lands on driveways and sidewalks back onto the lawn.

An important component is to properly water the lawn, and it is better to water deeply—down to at least six inches—and less frequently, than lightly and more often. If your lawn dulls in color or begins to wilt, then your lawn needs water.

The way you mow your lawn can also make a difference. You never want to remove more than one-third of the total blade height when mowing, or you could chop off the food-producing parts of the grass blade and end up with a brown lawn instead of a green one. You should also leave grass clippings on the lawn to help recycle essential lawn fertilizing nutrients.

Grass also acts like a natural air conditioner that cools the air as it releases water vapor through its blades. The water evaporates and draws heat, cooling the air in the process. As a result, lawns are a safer surface for children to play on and provide the cool comfort we desire on hot days. Those are selling points that can help any home sale.


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