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Monthly Archives: September 2022

    A Room to Play In

    By Admin | September 24, 2022

    Game rooms are all about fun, but creating the perfect space for recreation in your new house is serious business. In this digital age, a lot of parents are opting to feature a game room in their homes in order to promote family time that doesn’t involve a screen. It’s also ideal for social occasions, as guests will... Read More

    Can You Use Your Life Insurance Policy for a Down Payment?

    By Admin | September 17, 2022

    Many people struggle to come up with tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment on a house. Permanent life insurance covers a policyholder for life, as long as premiums are paid on time. The more paid in premiums, the more cash value accumulates. If you have a whole life, variable life or universal... Read More

    Pros and Cons of Building vs. Buying Your Luxury Home

    By Admin | September 10, 2022

    INFOGRAPHIC: It may be faster to buy, but building gives you complete creative control. Read More

    Terms Every Homebuyer Should Understand

    By Admin | September 2, 2022

    If you’re buying a home, you’ll more than likely be obtaining a mortgage, which you may not know much about. In fact, unless you’ve been involved in a home sale before, there are many things you will be learning about for the first time. Here is a handy list of some of the key terms... Read More