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Monthly Archives: August 2022

    4 Ways to Make More Closet Space

    By Admin | August 27, 2022

    Even if you love your house or apartment, not having enough closet space can be frustrating. If you’re pining for more room to stock your clothes, kids’ toys or other items, there are simple solutions that don’t require knocking down walls or moving. Reduce. This is the first step to making more room in your closet.... Read More

    5 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

    By Admin | August 20, 2022

    Some things just get better with age, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to reclaimed wood. Brand-new wood floors and ceiling beams have plenty of appeal, but if you want to give your home a distinguished look, you may want to consider salvaging timber from an old barn or factory. Here are just... Read More

    4 Smart Home Features Luxury Buyers Want

    By Admin | August 13, 2022

    These are the four smart devices luxury homebuyers are looking for… Security There are tons of options to keep your home safe with motion sensors, cameras and locks that can be monitored and controlled from any device. Lighting Smart lights do much more than set the mood when you’re entertaining. Motion sensors illuminate hallways at... Read More

    4 Reasons You Should Compost

    By Admin | August 6, 2022

    If you’re environmentally aware, you’re likely already doing several things at home to help the planet. Recycling, using less water and fuel and making smart purchasing choices can all help reduce your carbon footprint. Composting is a fantastic way to help out mama earth, and with many convenient options, it’s no longer just for those... Read More